I am mindful of the fact that it is a sloe process to find the answer to the question, 'who am I?' but. I am glad I took the first step with Ikiguide.
Pranoy, Storyteller

When our Heart, Mind, Body and Soul are in sync, that is when we come close to ourselves and know the true purpose of life. This is where IKIGUIDE helps me, by detangling my thoughts and giving me clarity of how I want to lead my personal and professional life! I cannot thank Nihal enough for giving in 10 years of his life to Ikiguide to help us out.
Nandini, Architect

 Going through the Ikiguide together as a couple was no less than a revelation. Even after a whole decade of knowing each other, it had us discover quirks, motivations, insecurities and dreams we haven't spoken of before- almost like giving us building blocks to strengthen our relationship.
Nidhi Dhingra, Illustrator and visual artist

 Reading Kill Your Talk is like someone compassionately held your hand and started walking you to the stage. The nervousness that once allowed you to be a mere audience, now can be seen as a tool to chisel a speaker out of you. The storyteller in Raghava is strengthened by the diverse and meaningful experiences he has crafted for himself and thousands of others across the globe. In this book, he gives you a glimpse of what it means to use one's voice to bring personal and global change. You can taste the spotlight, hear the mic rustling, at the end one applauds for oneself for having killed a talk, not an audience! Congratulations to Raghava for mothering a million speakers through this labour of love.
Deepak Ramola, Life Lessons Educator, Speaker, Poet and Songwriter

"Raghava has given some of the funnest and fastest talks ever! He'll teach you how to do it too."
 Stefan Sagmeister, Austrian graphic designer, storyteller, and typographer

Storytelling is the most powerful tool we have to design a future we all want. Raghava is a creative genius. He will teach you how to bring out the best storyteller in you, and craft your story to impact the world.
Lara Stein, Founder Boma Global & TEDx

It’s so important to find your tribe - people you vibe with, who hold you accountable and inspire and support. My mind is truly blown. I came to explore and dive in and change and I have. Lots to do now! Who’s on your team? Who are you supporting? Find the friends you want to hang out with, grow with prospering, share common purposes and face challenges with. 
Wendy Parr, Grammy winning songwriter