Ikiguide: Discover Your Potential


Kill Your Talk... Not Your Audience


 I started the Ikiguide journey in January. I set aside time to work on each card and documented my thoughts and reflections in my journal regularly. What I enjoyed the most was how these cards forced me to reflect on my priorities, my passions and my goals and how to take tangible steps to achieve them.

It gave me a sense of clarity and declutter my mind and my physical space. These cards helped me carve out time for myself and the things that I love, make healthy compromises and strike a balance between what I had to do and what I've always wanted to do.

Anagha | Educator

Reading Kill Your Talk is like someone compassionately held your hand and started walking you to the stage. The nervousness that once allowed you to be a mere audience, now can be seen as a tool to chisel a speaker out of you. The storyteller in Raghava is strengthened by the diverse and meaningful experiences he has crafted for himself and thousands of others across the globe. In this book, he gives you a glimpse of what it means to use one's voice to bring personal and global change. You can taste the spotlight, hear the mic rustling, at the end one applauds for oneself for having killed a talk, not an audience! Congratulations to Raghava for mothering a million speakers through this labour of love.

Deepak Ramola | Life Lessons Educator, Speaker, Poet and Songwriter