Discover Your Ikiguide Workshop with OFC & Limitless

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# 29/11/2020 - 4:00PM

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Based on Ikigai, a Japanese concept and a way of life that encompasses purpose, joy and well-being – Ikiguide is a deeply enriching experience crafted to help by discovering your true self through 5 ways: 

HEART: what makes you come alive

MIND: what you are good at

SOUL: your values, dreams and legacy

LUNGS: your unique contribution to the world

HANDS: taking your first steps towards this new reality


Our workshop will be for 90 minutes and will have purpose-driven questions & stories that cut across work, wellbeing,

relationships and joy. The participants will then reflect and share their perspectives on the area. We then create tasks and rituals for participants to actualize these reflections.

We will explore about 8 to 10 such questions.


All they need to come with is a book and a pen. They will be reflecting and journaling.


They don’t need to reflect in advance. I would request them to come with a clear mind, a quick meditation or playing some light music would help so thoughts could flow. And come with an open mind to discover something new about yourself.


I would really appreciate people sharing their stories, answers and thoughts and participating fully. It will inspire others and help them relate. The important piece here is to know that we’re all going through somewhat similar journeys and challenges and that we’re not alone.


This will be a safe, nurturing and brave space. Anything discussed in this room doesn’t leave the room. I just need their permission to coach them if need be.